Who we are:

About Hayley Rogers, Owner, Paint Protection of Knoxville:

My passion for cars, work ethic, and exceptional attention to detail, ultimately lead to being given an opportunity to learn how to install paint protection film. In 2012, after essentially teaching myself the art of film and handling installs on a large volume of cars at a local dealership, I was sent to be factory trained and certified at the Xpel headquarters in San Antonio, TX. The advanced class I took filled in many blanks for me, honed my skills, and fueled my ambition.

When I first began installing paint protection film, I was blown away by the exceptionally poor quality work I saw other installers putting out there… large gaps, uneven or jagged edges, stretch marks, excessive work lines, bubbles, dirt and/or dust under the film, edges lifting or overhanging, even obvious cuts in the paint from careless trimming… this was the work many customers accepted at the time. In all fairness to them, the majority of bad installs still look great to most people when they’re fresh. It’s once they’ve cured and spent some time on the road that they start to show problems.

It was frustrating to me that customers were paying a lot of money for this, as well as the fact that it was creating a bad reputation for the product itself. I knew I could never let a job like that go out the door, and even to this day I often lay in bed at night retracing every edge of an install from the day in my mind, assuring myself I had done the best job I could. I treat every car like it’s my own, and never cut corners just to push work through the shop.

As a result of all my hard work, I’ve earned a reputation for superior quality. While I’ve installed film on thousands of cars, it’s for this reason I’ve been fortunate enough to work  on hundreds of cars many only dream about. But no matter the car, from daily drivers, to work trucks, to garage queens, ultimately my goal has always been for its owner to be just as satisfied with my work as I am. Others claim to be the best… or “#1.” My attitude has always been: if you are going to do something, you better be the best at it. I take a great deal of pride in offering the highest quality installs, along with the highest quality film and vehicle templates on the market. You be the judge.

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